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Pollution and Response Control:

  • Salisbury Team West Country
  • Southampton Team Central
  • Guildford Team for East Coast
  • Birmingham Team for Midlands
  • Doncaster Team for North

Contact No's:

Pollution Control Waste & Remediation Division

For Response Day or Night & Enquiries:
(07432) 595 650 - (01728) 660 479

Response Protocol
Emergency Out-Based Response Southern, Midlands
UK Spills Level 4 for Freshwater and Ground Accreditation


WMTS Response Unit

Our mobile pump and combined bespoke hosing, disposal tank is an effective unit for the cleanup of oil spills, sludges, liquids and other pollutants. The peristaltic design provides an extremely high vacuum and allows objects up to 1 1/2" in diameter to pass through. This makes it possible to lift high viscous liquids from the ground oils sludge and oil at freezing temperatures.

The pump applied as a skimming operation on water for the oil(s) floating allows for removal and skimming of containment without expensive tankers or vast amounts of absorbents, the unit also houses a flow control valve something you do not get with sludge and or water pumps.

The oil will float on the surface and the flow controlled pumping system will allow for huge success for oil removal more then 50/50 h20 and oil with normal sucking arrangements sludge oil(s) alike. The system is highly portable for deployment in remote locations or industrial facilities. The pump hosing, up to 60 meters in length containment come equipped with wheels and removable handles and can be transferred into most difficult areas, onto trailer or direct to the back of a 4-wheel drive as shown in pictures of the units.

The pump has a flow rate of 48 gallons per minute, a suction lift of 33 feet and discharge heights exceed 328 feet. The hose inside the pump housing is made of high tensile and robust and resistant to many chemicals. The system can pump most liquids oils sewage and other contaminates. The pump is diesel driven and requires no supporting power packs or energy source and is totally mobile.

WMTS Response Details

  • Emergency Oil Spills: Your Emergency - Our Problem
  • 24 Hour Availability For Commercial Or Domestic Situations
  • Ponds, Lakes, Streams & Rivers, Oil Tank Spills Or Just General Leaks

Please Call:
Telephone: +44 1728 660 479
Mobile: +44 7432 595 650
Email: or

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