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Pond Treatment

Environment and Pollution Control

A ready to use pond treatment product formulated to reduce pond sludge, turbidity, and the nutrients required for minimization of growth of algae.


WMTS use a microbe active formula which contains a proprietary blend of bacterial strains that were selected for the ability to breakdown excess waste material in ponds and reduce the amount of available phosphorous causing a reduction in the algal population.
The formula's naturally occurring cultures efficiently digest pond bottom materials and reduce the organic matter in the water column leading to cleaner water and higher oxygen levels. The Microbes are stabilized and shipped in spore form, ensuring long term stability and extended shelf life.

Multilevel quality assurance processes extend far beyond our doors. Purity and microbial concentration is guaranteed for consistent and superior biological products in the hands of your customers. As demonstrated in the graph above, the application of Pond Treat Powder resulted in a significant reduction in Chlorophyll A, a measure of algal concentration, Phosphorous, and turbidity. These results were not generated in a laboratory; they were obtained under actual field conditions.

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