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At Waste Management Total Solutions, we believe that dedicated training in specific areas is critical to ensure staff are fully aware of key environmental risk areas. The polluter pays principle mean business need to have a robust response plan and process in place to reduce risks in the case of a spillage of oils or chemicals.

To this end the Team can offer; classroom training with competent pollution expertise in attendance for all key identified responsible persons within your organisation;

  • Continuous updating support on pollution control and emergency preparedness
  • Offer with full support from oil pollution specialists across the country
  • Total compliance with environmental legislation
  • Carry out on your behalf, environmental education and research training of staff at all levels in environmental pollution control
  • Deliver your needs for pollution reduction control measures
  • Absorbents application and demonstration
  • Environmental awareness
  • Waste management Best Environmental Options (BE0)


  • Classroom delivery     
  • Delivery of basic pollution control awareness with examples of classroom application     
  • On Site exercise training with depot staff

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