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Waste Legislation

There is a need for all commercial sites to be fully compliant with recent and long term environmental legislation and specifically to ensure their premises discarded waste is dealt with to ensure total compliance in an ever demanding environmentally legislated world.

Incurred costs are often placed on businesses by the Government, Europe and Regulating Bodies throughout the UK.


Some important legislation needing to be fully complied with includes;

  • The Hazardous Waste/Landfill Directive
  • Hazardous Waste Regulations
  • Duty of Care Section 34
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Waste Acceptance Critera

These regulations have a major impact and must be complied with.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can help you and your businesses to ensure the compliance is achieved with this all round package available and more.

Duty of Care & Environmental Awareness

A Duty of Care is placed on the waste producer, placing total responsibility on them to comply with Section 34 Duty of Care.

Which essentially means that it is your responsibility to ensure the "Cradle to Grave" approach is applied for waste accumulated (including it's storage, transportation and disposal).

Environmental Audits

As part of the services that we can offer your company, a vulnerablility survey and spill impact assessment can be undertaken.

It will allow one of our experienced auditors to establish how you can reduce pollution and environmental costs and adhere to present legislation.

Company Accreditation


WMTS are accredited contractors to UK SPILLS and Environment agency for the following modules:

- Module 1 Spill Responder
- Module 2 Freshwater spills
- Module 3 Ground Water Spills
- Module 8 Contaminated Soils


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