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Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd is an established environmental advice and guidance company which was conceived by a group of waste experts of long standing in the industry. We aim to offer the Best Environmental Options and within such a competitive and dynamic industry our professionalism and dedicated approach will drive us and you to fulfil all environmental needs for your business, albeit small sites, medium or large industry.

With a one-stop-shop approach, your company's resources can be released by allowing Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd to manage the whole process, from initial environmental awareness through to designing and delivery of the environmental management systems needed to manage all your requirements.

Each Site, Business unit or location will receive dedicated on site guidance and sound advice from one of our Regional Officers so there is always a single point of contact, not a national call centre approach, thus enabling any queries or requests to be actioned quickly, efficiently, and regionally more appropriate.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can offer Pollution Control emergency response 24 hours, 7 days a week across the South of the UK with 3 out based operating units serving the South Central, South West and South East. We can respond to oil spills and are accredited to level 3 UK Spills contractor status for Freshwater and Ground, an Environment Agency recognised standard. With one bespoke call, our teams can be on the road and every effort to respond within 2 hours will be applied.

We also supply a wide range of absorbents for various types of spills including oil and chemical spills.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can conduct absorbents application and demonstration training in-house or in a training facility. Live exercises can also be arranged on request.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can offer ground, water and soil Bio Remediation. Our experienced team can offer short term response and long term remediation of contaminated soil conditions.

Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can offer invasive plants eradication over a proven program of sustained treatment by our qualified staff and experienced advice teams.

With an ever increasing requirement for companies to be aware of their legal responsibilities regarding waste materials, Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd can offer complete peace of mind by ensuring that you comply with all applicable legislation.

Our experienced team make certain that your company is compliant in all areas of waste management. Any necessary change combined with a series of detailed common sense and cost saving recommendations and in-depth site monitoring, audits and significant risk assessment procedures.

We ensure that all our working partners, recycling facilities and disposal sites are fully compliant and licensed in all areas prior to them carrying out work for us. Irrespective of the size of your company, at Waste Management Total Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on the ability to maximise any potential that can be developed.

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